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The concrete stone with Ecoterra.

METTEN Stein+Design has over 30 years of experience in licencing - and in the meantime in 25 countries. The development of steadily new technologies and products for the concrete block industry is one of our core competencies. For us, the EcoTerra technology is a big step towards a sustainable future.

Technology and
product development

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Easier to clean due to
reduced dirt absorption
EcoTerra ZERO face layer
100% cement-free
Individual surface processing
(blasted, ground, curled)
Free from lime efflorescence
EcoTerra ZERO base layer
100% cement-free
Design of colouring by conventional
colours and aggregates
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50-75 %
CO₂ reduction
per sqare meter
icon welt
100 %
icon herz
100 %
conform to DIN EN 1338

The use of EcoTerra® technology reduces CO₂ emissions by 15 % to 80 % per square meter. This varies not least depending on the individual logistics and production conditions. We calculate the individual Carbon Foodprint according to EPD (DIN EN 15804+A2 & ISO 14025 / ISO 21930). The smaller the circle the larger the CO₂ reduction.

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Benefits to the manufacturer

Production of EcoTerra technology is possible on conventional concrete production machines.
Low investment costs.
Usage of most aggregates and colours.
Surface protection without coating application. This saves the invest in correspondent application techniques and avoids increased energy use for corresponding curing.
Individual calculation of CO₂ reduction based on EPD.
Significant market advantage through individual recipes customized to the licensee.
EcoTerra products comply with the environmental standards of the Netherlands as well as the evaluation test according to NL-BRL 5070.
Use of the international Trademark „EcoTerra”.
Patent pending.

The way to your Ecoterra product

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1. Development of product- and market strategys
2. Testing of technical requirements
pullout diagram
3. Raw material exploration
4. Development of individual receipes
5. Test running in technical center
ecoterra produktion
6. Know how transfer
7. Training of machine operator while running production in Overath, Germany
ecoterra team
8. Implementation of technology in situ
9. Marketing support including use of trademark EcoTerra


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Dr Michael Metten