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The sustainable concrete stone.


After years of research and development, we have succeeded in developing a concrete block with a facing layer free of cement.

This means 15% less CO₂ per square meter. This innovation was awarded with the "German Innovation Award 2021" in gold and nominated for the "German Sustainability Award 2023".

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50-75 %
less CO₂
per square meter
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concrete stone
Ecoterra CO2 Wald 15 75
conventional concrete stone concrete stone with Ecoterra®
100 % cement-free
free from lime efflorescence
durable colour-finished surface
reduction of CO₂
easier to clean
application of recycling material


One of the special features of EcoTerra® technology is the possibility of a wide range of different colors. Besides, our innovation enables the use with different surface finishes.


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Dr Michael Metten


What does EcoTerra technology mean?
After years of research and development, we achieved a real milestone towards the concrete block of the future: Concrete stones that do not require cement in the face-mix (top layer) of the stone. We call this patented invention EcoTerra technology.
What does EcoTerra Zero mean?
After we succeeded in producing a stone without cement in the face-mix, we have developed this innovation further. The result is a concrete stone completely cement-free. We call 0% cement in the stone: EcoTerra Zero.
Why do we forgo cement in the stone production?
Cement is one of the biggest CO₂ emitters in the world. As a third-generation family-owned business, we have always felt committed to sustainable action and are proud to have developed a major step towards a "green" material with the introduction of EcoTerra technology.
Are stones without cement less robust?
No, the stones with EcoTerra technology have the same properties and capabilities in terms of load capacity as a conventionally produced concrete stone.
Are stones with EcoTerra technology less durable?
EcoTerra stones are without cement, but instead an alternative, high-quality binder is used. Due to this their durability is equal to conventional concrete stones with cement.
Are EcoTerra stones recyclable?
Yes, our EcoTerra products are 100 % recyclable – like all our products by the way – and can be reused into the concrete stone production.
Is the production of EcoTerra climate-neutral?
Yes, all our concrete stones and slabs, including EcoTerra, are manufactured climate-neutral.
What are the advantages of EcoTerra technology for me as a customer?
Besides the "clear conscience" due to the purchase of a "green stone", you as a customer have other advantages as well: Doing without cement in the face-mix avoids unattractive characteristics such as lime efflorescence or colour fading. Besides to lasting colour intensity, the stone surfaces absorb less dirt and are therefore easier to clean.